Are you looking for unique way to Create own Your personalized gift? "Personalized-Unique-Gifts" we offer Free shipping in USA

About us


A gift you can personalize!
Owner: of Personalize Gifts has been running since 1998-2017
Personalize Gifts and Regalos Personalizado (com-net-biz) Plus 1998-2017 We start this business,Why?Because my name was not common to find in store. We had a gift shop call Personalize gifts 1998 in Mass. We decided to close after September 11th. So we decided to start a website business.
If you need any help at any time of your order just call or text us at 978-265-1376 Ask for office manager Lucy
email  in subject with any question
So here go, To tell you about what we do:
You can design your gift and we put it together for you.

We carry, Personalized gifts item. For someone in life or Just to say thank you,
We offer free shipping in the USA. And we can also do ship around world that extra charge on You. *You can pay with any credit card or if you like to use Paypal that fine to.* On your order.
We are sorry But we can not do any return because it's designed by you. And we not sale that Why- If we make a mistake we can replace it and ship it back to you free of charge.
**For First Name Meaning
You can see sample by going in each products page.
 images, On page scroll down and see are many samples of names.
Note: Please don’t ask for FREE sample of names with meaning!
You can buy and see a name get it by email it’s only cost for $4.99
 ** Our top seller is called your own personalized written poem. You can add this poem to various frame products or just on one our art prints. We do not copy or sell to anyone, but you.  **Memorial gifts are also available. You can do a gift for your loved ones. I did this, for my husband’s funeral one in English and one in Spanish. We also add image to your poem.
**Our next item is one that you can order by email it’s fast way and save you money. (Is an Email order for ) First name meaning or Two names together with meaning. We also do Birthday newspaper and Acrostic Poems it’s also call Poem name).
**It is called birthday chronicle (newspaper) this will tell you what happen on that day you were born on. BUT if you need it FAST you can do it by email for $4.99 If you need Birthday newspaper by mail  We can do that for you to. Extra charge will be take